Hermit Tarot Card

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The card illustrates an old man with a staff (symbolizes common sense support) and a lighted lantern (symbolizes light of reason).

It is time to stop worrying about daily concerns. You need to think about your soul. It is a beginning of a solitude period, in which you have to understand yourself.

The Hermit indicates caution and detachment from everyday hassles. It is a sign of victory over your own passions, and a desire to understand the inner nature of all events.

Hermit indicates the presence of positive qualities in your character such as: judgment, ability to hold yourself on time, ability to control your emotions – which, in turn, allows you to determine your own future, and to actively influence on other people as well.

Card Symbols

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  • Gray clothes
  • Hood
  • Pose
  • Six-pointed star as a light source
  • Snow-covered peaks
  • Number 9


Card Meaning

Search for spiritual values, deepening into your inner world. Also means a loss, illness, loneliness, but the situation may be good for you, because temporary loneliness sometimes leads to something better. The Hermit card advises you to be very careful in your actions, or the situation might turn against you.
Additional Card Meanings: Prudence, caution, privacy.

Reversed Card Meaning

Storm in life or in nature. This may be a refusal from help, stubbornness, or an unnecessary mystery. This is a good time to wonder whether you’re locked in your own little world and if it’s almost impossible to get to you? Beware of persisting in your behavior, because later when you will decide to get out of your “shell”, you will indeed be at risk of isolation.


Be yourself and don’t rush things.


Don’t isolate yourself from the outside world, don’t be angry, don’t become a lone wolf, a loner.

Card of the Day

This day belongs to you and only you. Take care of yourself finally and don’t worry about hustles of the outside world. If today you have to do some business, then be serious about it and do it without haste and without distraction. If you need to make some important decision, then let it construct itself until it becomes clear and natural. Maybe a meditation or just a long walk will help you to find yourself.

Card of the Year

This year will be a serious one. You have to collect your thoughts and really define your attitude towards yourself and to the world in order to finally understand what you really want. Use this time to think about your life: Is what you’re doing and how you’re living still meets your needs and aspirations? If not, try to determine exactly what you need to change. This is a difficult task, but you have a whole year ahead of you. It will be easier to understand that in solitude – try to go somewhere for a few days in order to isolate yourself from everything and everyone. The Hermit card should not frighten you – it does not mean that you’ll have to suffer from loneliness a whole year. It only means that you must find “a way to be yourself”, and above all – to communicate with other people.

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