Attract a Partner Love Spell

4 12 years ago

Love spells that are centered around finding love or attracting a new partner, should never be focused on a specific person. You should have the intention to find a parter that has the qualities that you seek.

This spell should be performed on Friday, during rising or full moon. you should have the following ingredients for the spell:

  • 1 astrological candle or any candle with the image of your zodiac sign on it
  • 3 small ritual candles
  • Incense, marjoram, rose or honeysuckle
  • Crystal, rose quartz or aventurine
  • Muscat oil

To begin, light a Wiccan altar candle. Place the incense near the altar candle and light it. Place a crystal near the candle. Smear the astrological candle with oil from the wick and place this candle in front of the altar candle. Lubricate the three ritual candles and place them in the shape of a triangle, while the altar candle is in the middle. Light the candles, starting from the astrological candle. Say the following:

“My heart is open for feelings.
My love comes to me.
I stand and meet it, same as nature meets a new day”

Repeat the procedure several times while looking at the candles burn. Wait until the candles burn completely.


  1. Linda Bostic

    MM……..I am seeking a Love partner to be in Rituals with….BB

  2. andrea

    I am lonely and want a partner I believe in a higher power and wish for companionship.I am only 40 yet I fear other people I need help.I am also very poor. If the powers that be can help me please

  3. marko

    I would like to know how to increase my aura, to gain power with the help of deities… does anyone know such a spell

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