Find a Partner Love Spell

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If you are searching for a person who can give you the love which you require, you can cast this Wiccan love spell to make it happen. This spell requires of you to create a protective ring, and will help you find the perfect lover (although not necessarily one of the people you already know).


  • Sheet of paper
  • 4 candles
  • Pink cloth
  • Red chalk

First of all, draw a protective ring on a sheet of paper, and put the paper on the ground and stand in the center. Think about the ideal partner for you, without losing focus. Don’t concentrate on a specific person. Give freedom to your visualization, even if you imagine the precise qualities you think your partner should have.

Choose a candle of your favorite color (this candle represents you). When holding this candle in your hands, meditate and say the personal qualities which you seek out loud. Spread a pink cloth on the floor and place the candle on it. Take a white candle, which symbolizes your ideal partner, and say out loud all the qualities and characteristics which you think are most important. Ask the Goddess Aphrodite to help you and your partner in bonding.

Put two candles, each in a different opposite corner on the pink cloth. Take a piece of red chalk and draw a heart in the center of the cloth (make sure that the heart’s size is sufficient, as its edges should touch the the white candles). Take a few minutes to think about the ideal relationship and while doing so, pull the candles closely together. When the candles are finally close to each other, draw two more hearts on the corners of the first heart and leave the candles to fully burn.
There is also an alternative for this love spell, which can be done as follows:

Write down a list of all the qualities you wish to see in your partner. When you finally focus on object of your love, burn the list and spread the ash in all directions. Your wish should soon to be come true.

Remember, in both cases be careful, as your expectations might be higher than the result.


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