Healing Crystal Spell

2 12 years ago

All stones and crystals have unique properties. Crystal generally have the ability to take care of what you wish for, which makes them especially great helpers in healing. You should always remember to treat your crystals with respect.


  • Quartz crystal
  • White candle
  • Glass of water
  • Salt

Light a candle and sit quietly, holding a crystal in your hand. Feel how the crystal warms and fills you with energy. Quietly talk to the crystal, telling him about your illness and how you feel about it. Ask the crystal to absorb the disease from your body, and be sure to promise to clean it afterwards. Continue sitting quietly until you feel that the crystal has accepted your offer.

Stand up an slowly start to rub the crystal against your body, in the specific locations of the disease. While doing so, visualize the illness leaving your body. When the illness leaves your body, it enters the crystal and disappears.

When you finish the procedure, take the crystal and immediately put it into a glass of water. Add a bit of salt and say the following:

“Crystal be clean,
Show your rays,
All illness be gone –
With these words,
Fly away from me.
So be it!”

Leave the crystal in the water for several hours while you wash yourself with cold water. Dry yourself and go to rest. In order to continue cleaning the crystal, carefully pour some water into the sink. Rinse the glass and crystal with fresh water and leave them to dry on open air – preferably with sunlight. The sun will also recharge the crystal.


  1. Linda Bostic

    MM.. thanx.. I didn’t know you could do this…I’ll try it!…B

  2. Julie Lawrence

    so going to try this one tonight something has to heal this throat of mine :(

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