Healing Tenderness Spell

1 12 years ago

If your friend or relative is sick, the following spell will send this person healing love and tenderness in order to help get better.


  • Green candle
  • Eucalyptus oil

Lubricate the green candle with the eucalyptus oil and light the candle. Sit in front of the candle (which should be placed to the west, if you have created a Wiccan magic circle) and visualize the person you want to heal. Say the following three times:

“Peace and love I send to you,
Healing and comfort too!”

Imagine that your loving thoughts get collected into a golden ball above your head. When you feel that the ball is big enough, send it away as if you let go of a balloon in a very windy environment – do it towards the person you want to heal. You can perform this spell every day, lighting the candle over and over again, until it is completely burnt.


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