Mabon Leaf Bucket Ritual

0 12 years ago

A simple ritual variation for celebrating the Mabon Sabbat.

Decorate your Wiccan altar for the festival with acorns, oak twigs, pine and cypress cones, wheat stalks. Place an ordinary small bucket filled with dry fallen leaves from various trees on your altar.

Set up your altar, light the candles and censer, and open the Wiccan magic circle. Say the following:

“Power of One,
The source of all things,
Omnipresent, omnipotent and eternal.
Goddess, Lady of the Moon,
God, Horned Hunter of the Sun,
Power of the Spirits of stones,
Rulers of the elements,
Strength of the stars of heaven,
Bless this place and this moment,
Unite me with you.”

Call upon the Goddess and God. Stand in front of the altar, pick up the bucket with leaves and slowly scatter the leaves within your circle. While doing so, say the following:

“The leaves are falling,
The days get colder.
The Goddess put her robe on Earth,
While you, the Great Sun God,
Going to the West,
In the country of eternal magic,
Covered in cold nights.
Fruits are ripe,
Seeds crumble,
Days and nights are equal.
Cold winds blow from the north,
Howling mournfully.
Oh, Holy Goddess,
I know that life goes on.
It would not be spring without a new crop,
As there is no life without death.
Blessed be, oh fallen God,
In your journey to the country of winter,
In the loving hands of the Goddess.”

Place the bucket on the ground and continue:

“The beautiful Goddess of fertility,
I sowed the seeds and harvested the crops
Of my actions, good and bad.
Give me the courage to put
The seeds of joy and love
Next year, without grief or hatred.
Teach me the secrets of this wonderful planet,
Luminous in the night.”

Now it’s time to work on your witchcraft, should you have spells to cast or other magic plans. Close the circle when you are done.

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