How to Craft an Altar Pentacle

2 12 years ago

Anyone who tried to construct an altar pentacle from clay knows that there are a lot of problems involved. For example, it isn’t simple to to create a circle from clay, and even if you manage to squeeze it with a bottle, you still need to align the edges, surfaces, pentacle lines and so on. There’s also the need to burn the clay to avoid situations where water can destroy the whole construction.

As an alternative, you can easily create an altar pentacle which is cost-effective and very practical by following the easy instruction below.

Needed Ingredients

  • A heat resistant stand made out of cork
  • Acrylic paint, choose the colors you prefer
  • A ruler
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • A sheet of paper
  • Scissors

Firstly, we need to fully paint the stand. This will be your selected background color (in this example, black). Leave it to dry and at the same time we continue working on other things.

Take the sheet of paper and draw a pentagram with a diameter that equals your stand. Cut the pentagram.

Now take the dried stand. Put the paper pentagram on the stand and make notes of the pentagram tips on the stand using your pencil.

Remove the sheet of paper and draw straight lines using the help of a ruler, forming a pentagram on the stand.

It is recommended to draw additional set of lines about 0.5cm to the inside. This way you will need to paint the inside of the pentagram, and it will look much better.

Now take the second color and paint the pentagram lines. When finished, leave to dry.

And that’s pretty much about it. You have made your own altar pentacle!

Note: Acrylic paint is water resistant, so there shouldn’t be any problems washing the altar pentacle. Same goes with heat – no need to worry about placing hot objects on the pentacle.

Big thanks to Par Nada for this great guide.


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