Samhain Pentacle Tarot Card Spread

1 12 years ago

A special pentacle tarot spread to perform during the Samhain Sabbat celebrations.

Meaning of each position

1 – Acceptance. That which you need to accept. What or whom you need to accept, and what cannot be changed.
2 – Release and let go. That of which you must release and let go.
3 – Time of reflection. The things that prevent you to make your life the way you want it to be. Prevents the fulfillment of your desires.
4 – Cauldron of Rebirth. Waiting for the new. What type of future you are creating for yourself that results in your reflection, decisions, developments and protection
5 – Keep, nurture and protect. What needs to be treated carefully, what to evolve and what to protect.
6 – Crone’s wisdom. What your intuition says. What you can learn in such a situation.


  1. Zazu Lunapie

    I love this thank you soo much! <3 I run a pagan page on facebook and I hope it's ok but I felt like I wanted to share this giving you full credit of course and a link back to you.. much Love and Light and many Blessings this Samhain.. <3

    Lady Zazu <3)o(<3

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