Women Protection Ritual

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To perform this ritual, you must have the following ingredients:

  • White candle
  • Sandalwood incense
  • A round mirror
  • White bowl with some water
  • Magic wand or a twig of willow
  • White bowl with white round cookies
  • A glass of your favorite uncolored liquor (white wine, for example)
  • Salt

You will need to build a Wiccan magic circle. Call for the elements and then for the Gods. Place the ingredients mentioned above on the Wiccan altar, with the white candle in the middle. Place candles in the corners of the ritual zone, while each candle faces one of the four elements. Make sure you can move freely in the ritual zone, without the risk of your clothes catching fire. Stand in front of the altar and breath in and out deeply, focusing on the goal of this ritual. Imagine the full moon above your head. Breath its white light. Feel how the warmth of its energy gets into your blood and bones. When you feel ready, say the following:

“The moon is rising! The Goddess is coming!
I feel her powerful energy”.

Move your hand towards the salt and say:

“Salt, Blessed Be.
Water, Blessed Be”

Add a pinch of salt to the water and turn the cup three times clockwise. Raise the glass towards the moon and say:

“Cold fire of the moon, clean this altar with your power”

Lightly sprinkle the corners of the altar with water. While moving clockwise, sprinkle water on the edge of the altar area. Put the glass on the altar. Light the white candle on the altar, and say:

“Beloved moon, scattering the darkness,
Let this be a symbol of your light”

Use the main candle to light the rest of the candles in perimeter (starting from the east) while saying:

“Behold the appearance of the Goddess’s light,
Which will illuminate the road to her children”

Put the candle on the altar and take a rounded mirror. Hold the mirror at the level of the heart, with the reflecting side against you. Stand on the eastern point of the ritual zone and say:

“Countries and people of the East, fulfill my request.
Give freedom to your women!”

Move to the southern point of the ritual zone and say:

“Countries and people of the South, hear my words.
Treat your women with respect!”

Move to the western point of the ritual zone and say:

“Countries and people of the West, listen to my warning.
Give your women equality!”

Stand with your face towards the north and say:

“Countries and people of the West, be sensitive.
Protect and preserve your women!”

Go back to the altar and turn the mirror towards yourself, so that you could see your own reflection. Look closely at your eyes. Feel the disturbance deeply inside of yourself, because this problem is not yet resolved. Say the following:

“I am the daughter/son of the moon Goddess, the one that sees everything. With her my heart cries out for the injustice, particularly against women and children. I call upon the Goddess of the moon to help these women and children. Protect them with your hands, Goddess. Light their way with your wisdom. Move them from the realm of horror, pain and darkness towards the kingdom of your light!”

Put the mirror down. Close your eyes and raise your hands up. Imagine that your body is filled with soothing healing energy from the moon Goddess. Imagine that this energy goes out of your body to earth. Feel how the energy accumulates in your feet, passes through the floor and penetrates the soil. When you feel that the time has come, open your eyes and look at your ritual zone. Shout or say the following:

“Freedom! Equality! Respect! Security!”

Put all of your feelings into these words. Repeat them until your emotions calm down. Eat your moon cakes and drink the moon liquor. Now is the time for a relaxed communication with the moon Goddess on a more personal level. At the end of the ritual, walk around the perimeter of the ritual zone, from the eastern candle moving clockwise. While extinguishing the candles, say the following:

“Send my message to all the people.
Let the light of the moon guide their way to truth and justice.”

Stand once more in front of the altar and raise your hands up, saying:

“Dear moon Goddess, bless and cleanse me with your light.
I thank you for giving me strength in this night.”

Give the moon a kiss and extinguish the altar candle. Thank the Gods and Spirits. Close the elements. Close the magic circle. And the ritual is complete.

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