The Healing Energy Ritual

0 12 years ago

The purpose of this ritual is to send healing energies to our planet, to help our wonderful nature and the wonderful people that surround it and live in harmony with it.


This ritual needs to be performed when there’s a half moon or a full moon. Any chosen day is fine, however Thursday or Saturday are better choices.
Items needed:

  • 1 Apple, cut in way to open a pentagram
  • 1 White candle
  • A bit of rosemary
  • A thread or a ribbon 30cm long, either green or white colored

Prepare a Wiccan magic circle. Cleanse and purify the circle. Call upon the Gods. Now that this has been done, we can proceed to the ritual itself.

Place the pentagram part of the apple face up in the middle of the altar. Attach the white candle to the center of the apple, and pour circle you’ve prepared with rosemary. Light the candle and say the following:

“Let this fire burn all the negative on earth. Let the healing energy come to earth. I ask the Goddess and God to cleanse our planet and send all the love of the Gods towards it. So be it!”

Imagine how rivers and seas get cleaned, how green plains and forests thrive without garbage and unnatural dirt. Imagine how all of it grows and blooms in a new, fresh fashion.

Take the thread or ribbon and tie a knot while putting your thoughts and desires in it. Place the thread or ribbon around the apple in a form of a circle and say the following:

“The circle is complete, the healing of the earth begins now. So be it!”

Start slowly clapping your hands, gradually increasing the speed of claps. When you feel ready, stop clapping and release the energy. Imagine how the energy turns into a huge ball of white light and departs earth, heading towards the great universe. Imagine how a flush of white light filled with healing energy surrounds the earth.

And now it’s time to land. Release the Gods, without forgetting to thank them for their help. Scatter the circle. When the white candle fades, bury the apple inside the ground. The thread or ribbon needs to be buried as well. And so, the ritual is complete.

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