Ideas for Samhain

1 12 years ago

The Samhain Sabbat is considered to be one of the most important holidays for Pagans, and specifically Wiccans. It is a time when communicating with the dead is possible, a time of respecting and remembering deceased loved ones. Here are a few additional ideas for you to do on Samhain:

  • Catching apples. There is a lot of divination that is connected to Samhain, and much of it is associated with marriage, health and weather. Catching apples is connected to marriage, as it is believed that the first one to catch an apple and take a bite, is the first one who will get married next year. It’s sort of a tradition similar to throwing a bride’s wedding bouquet.
  • Peeling apples is another form of divination that can determine the length of a person’s life.
  • Make a pumpkin lantern to light the way to the dead spirits which are traveling at night.
  • Complete all of your unfinished businesses, and pay off your debts (if possible) so that you can start the new year with a fresh page.
  • You can try scrying, tarot reading or any other form of divination. If you don’t usually do it or don’t know how, you can read a book. Take a look at our tarot section to start learning if it interests you.
  • Leave food on the street for the birds and other animals.
  • Place photos of your deceased relatives or friends on your Wiccan altar or table.
  • Light a special candle for them to return and celebrate with you.
  • Visit the graves of your ancestors, and if that isn’t possible, visit the closest cemetery. Wait in silence and listen to the voices of the departed.
  • Tell family stories and legends while gathered around a campfire or at the table.
  • Arrange a mask ceremony, in which your chosen mask will represent your ancestor.


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