Communicating with the Dead on Samhain

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One of the known traditions of Samhain Sabbat is the communication with the dead. Although such communication is not restricted to Samhain only (you can do so at any other time), this time of year is especially good for such practices because the barrier between the worlds is briefly disturbed, allowing us to feel the increased power and to communicate better with the other world.

When communicating with deceased loved ones, you can tell them things which you’ve never had the chance to while they were alive. Things like how much you love them or miss them. You can also let them know about your recent doings and say what is generally on your mind.

There are many ways to communicate with the dead; it can be done with an altar, especially prepared with photographs and items of the deceased, or by arranging dinner for the dead. Let’s have a look at the foods and manners when arranging such a dinner.

Foods & Manners

It’s your choice which food to serve during a dinner with the dead, however, given the fact that this is Samhain, you might want to make dishes which are related to the Sabbat. Cover the table with black cloth, place black plates and black napkins. Use black candles as your only light source for such dinner.

When dining with the dead, you must not speak at all. You must communicate with the dead without saying a word, and tend to their needs and desires quietly. This tradition is called The Silent Dinner.

About the Silent Dinner

In some Wiccan traditions, a silent dinner held to honor the dead has become quite widespread. There is still some debate on the origins of this tradition, as some say it is related to ancient cultures, while others think that this is a relatively new idea.

In order to hold a silent dinner on Samhain, one must follow a simple set of rules. Firstly, you should cleanse the place of dinner by opening a Wiccan magic circle, or by applying incense smoke. You should turn off all electrical devices around you, so that nothing will disturb you.

Secondly, you should prepare yourself for a silent evening. Cover the table for all your guests, while the head of the table should be reserved for the Spirits. Reserving a seat for each of the spirits might not be possible for everyone, so you will have to do with one seat, while candles represent each spirit of the dead. Cover the seat of the spirits in black or white cloth.

From the moment your guests enter your room, no one should talk. Each guest should come near the spirit seat and say a prayer for themselves. When all guests are seated, join hands silently and bless the food. No one should start eating until food has been served to everyone, including the spirits.

When everything is done, join hands with all your guests and say a prayer to yourself. Leave the room in silence, without forgetting to stop for a moment near the seat of the dead spirits to say your goodbyes.

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