Samhain Anticipation Tarot Card Spread

11 years ago

While you are anticipating for Samhain Sabbat to arrive, you can perform the following tarot spread before Wiccan Samhain celebrations.

Meaning of each position

1 – The blessing of Samhain, what you have to do in the period between Samhain and Yule Sabbat.
2 – Samhain fire, the most striking trend of the period.
3 – Samhain victim, something which you better refuse.
4 – Samhain ash, this will help, support and nourish.
5 – Samhain whisper, a very important card that explains the recurring dreams you’ve been having in this period. It also shows where all the paths lead.
6 – The conclusion of the period, a dry residue with which you take to the coming Yule.