Samhain Tarot Card Spread

2 12 years ago

This is an interesting tarot spread which you can perform on yourself during Samhain Sabbat.

Meaning of each position

1 – Harvest of autumn
2 – Untouchable stock
3 – Winter trial
4 – Passage between worlds
5 – Samhain gifts
6 – A meeting with the unknown
7 – What to say goodbye to
8 – What to remember
9 – Results

Cards interpretation

Start with the first (1) card which talks about the crops that can be used. (2) shows the stock that should not be touched until the following spring. (3) is the tests you might go through in winter, while (4) is new ways of action. (5) shows the bonuses or actions from the period. (6) warns about what or who you might meet. Last three cards (7), (8) and (9) are the closing points for this Samhain spread with conclusions.


  1. TCharlton

    Great spread, linked to it from a post in a private tarot group on Facebook. Thought the other members would enjoy it as well and check out your site!

  2. Zazu Lunapie

    I hope it is ok that i share this info on my Pagan page, I give you full credit and of course a link back here.. I have really enjoyed looking around your site and have really enjoyed working with your tarot spreads.Blessed Be! <3

    Lady Zazu <3)o(<3

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