Wiccan Advice

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This article lists a few wise Wiccan advices about daily life, what is best to do in certain situations and how to do it correctly.

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  • In order to improve your spell casting abilities, wipe a crystal ball, mirror or a pendulum with wormwood tea.
  • Carry a piece of apple tree in your purse to prevent losing money fast.
  • Carry hematite to enhance your own magnetism. It is believed that when it is carried inside a purse, it makes the person invisible (unnoticeable).
  • Ginger, lavender or root that is placed near a bird’s nest protects the birds from cats.
  • Be careful when sharing an apple on February 29th, it is said that it will force both people to fall in love.
  • Carry a sorbus leaf close to your body in order to avoid hazards and accidents.
  • If you smoke peppermint in the bedroom, it is said to bring spiritual dreams.
  • To protect children from danger or accidents, give them a small bag of wintergreen so that they will always carry it.
  • Drink ground ivy tea to get rid of a toothache.
  • An acorn inside the right pocket brings good health and stamina.
  • To prevent fights and anger inside the house, hang a daisy above the entrance door.
  • If you talk too much, wear brown to suppress this desire.
  • Tiger’s eye gives confidence to everyone who wear it.
  • If you are about to go to a job interview, wear red, black or purple to increase your chances of being accepted.
  • Don’t cut sage often if you happen to grow it, as it is said that a blooming sage brings good luck to the gardener and to the residents of the house.
  • Wear orange to increase your own motivation and productivity.
  • Breath in anise seed before going to bed to get rid of nightmares.
  • To ease the craving for nicotine, drink three cups of chamomile tea a day.
  • Place a laurus leaf inside your wallet for new business prosperity.
  • To protect yourself from psychic attacks, carry a sprig of verbena.
  • When thyme is burnt as incense, it helps uncover hidden answers and advice from close friends.
  • If you grow aloe vera in your kitchen, it will protect from fires and burns, and its juice can heal skin burns.
  • When you feel that luck has left you, look directly at the moon and your luck will return to you once again.
  • To improve your well-being, always carry money in your wallet on New Year’s eve, but do not waste it on that day.
  • Place a garnet stone in the central room of the house to protect yourself against theft.
  • Wearing a mistletoe sprig brings clarity of mind and encourages making independent decisions.
  • To make your wish come true quickly, make your wish under a birch tree in the name of Mother Earth.
  • Drink tea made from leaves and flowers of clover, it will strengthen the mind and the ability of clairvoyance.
  • Rub your forehead with a red jasper, to ensure pleasant and peaceful dreams.
  • Wear aventurine in your pocket or purse, to increase your well-being.
  • To get rid of a cold, drink a tea made from fenugreek seeds.


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