Ankh Tarot Card Spread

3 12 years ago

The Ankh tarot spread is based the ancient Egyptian ankh sign, a symbol of life also known as the “mirror of Venus”. As the ankh consists of a circle and a cross, the placement of cards affects their meanings. Cards which are placed on the circle of the ankh spread indicate a spiritual background and the root cause of happenings, while cards placed on the cross show how problems are manifested in real life, what can be done to avoid them and what they will bring.

Meaning of each position

1 + 2 – Two opposite impulses, beginnings or motives, that seem to block each other.

3 – Longtime reasons

4 – The latest reason (an excuse)

5 – Enlightenment (realization of the true meaning of events)

6 – Conclusions

If a person is able to attain enlightenment (5) and draw the necessary conclusions (6), you can reveal the other cards:

7 – The next step

8 – An unexpected discovery

9 – The Result

Cards interpretation

First you need to figure out the meaning of the conflict between card (1) and (2). This is the biggest challenge in this scenario. It is especially difficult to understand the conflict if both cards are showing positive values. If you won’t be able to understand the conflict, the entire phase of enlightenment is useless.

Next you need to carefully examine the card in positions (3) and (4). Afterwards, cards (5) and (6) play an important role, since by understanding them we already know what to do next. Cards in positions (7) (8) (9) follow and close the spread, with an unexpected discovery followed by a result.


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