Chariot Tarot Card

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The card illustrates a seated victor in a quadrangular chariot, which has four pillars supporting the canopy. The pillars represent the four elements, subordinated to the victor. The chariot is drawn by two sphinxes: white represents the victory and the good, dark represents the defeat and the evil.

You are full of energy, so go on a journey, because it will open a new world in front of you. But remember, that the chariot runs very fast and that there are many sharp turns on your way. Let the mind direct you, but don’t eliminate the feelings and the emotions.

Chariot card indicates that you are a person who can dispose of fate, or at least its events. You either have already proven your strength and the ability to overcome obstacles or just getting ready to demonstrate your power.

This card usually predicts that soon something will happen in your life, an event that can raise you to another stage of success. Test your strength, and the triumph will come.

Card Symbols

  • Canopy (star marquee)
  • Crescent-shaped shoulder straps
  • Zodiac Signs on the belt
  • Eight-pointed star (connection with heavens) and a square (terrestrial origin)
  • Winged sun
  • City, left far behind
  • Two sphinxes – white and black
  • Wand with a gold tip
  • Number 7

Card Meaning

Movement, wild practical activity. The same card predicts good luck in work and long journeys. Interpreted as a symbol of a righteous life.
Additional Card Meanings: Motion, victory.

Reversed Card Meaning

Bad influences of others on you, an uncertainty. Can also mean unexpected lawsuits. You should look closer on your own behavior: Do you sometimes exaggerate your strength, and it leads to tragic consequences? Or maybe you are too capricious and not listening to anyone’s advice, if it’s contrary to your opinion? There is a risk that at this point of your life, you won’t make it to the desired top and you’ll lose this game.


If you have a business, handle it without a delay and without hesitation.


If you don’t know – don’t touch.

Card of the Day

A good day to start any business. You already have a goal, it only the best to check that you have everything you need on your way. If you didn’t plan anything for today, than it means that this day can be your signal, calling you for a new business. What exactly it will be is hard to know, but for you it might be a beginning of a new life.

Card of the Year

This year you need a “breakthrough”, don’t hesitate to rush headlong into a new adventure. This year is good for any new initiatives. When it will end, you will find out that you managed to cope with the most difficult tasks. You have a good chance to achieve your goals, and the successes can significantly change your life by giving it a new meaning.

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