Fool Tarot Card

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A typical illustration of the Fool on tarot cards is a blind person that is walking forward without seeing that a cliff ahead. A dog is running behind the person, trying to warn him of the road ahead.

This illustration shows us that this blind person resembles a step in our own lives, where we walk on a road without seeing or understanding where it leads. Everything behind the walking person resembles the weight of our past errors. Uneasy and startling thoughts (the dog that tries to warn) don’t allow you to stop and think: “Where does my road lead to?”. We roam the land as blind men without a goal, we can’t even see the cliff in front of us. Fate will tell if we fall off a cliff or pass safely without knowing what we’ve escaped.

The Fool card interpretation is that you got into a situation where fate demands to “work out” all past problems, before you can go on to build the future of your life. No matter how hard you try, it is unlikely to see where the road leads to.

Turning from the road is not possible either – your time to make a decision has already passed, everything is in the hands of fate now. You will depend on fate until the moment you feel that you are the master of your choices and master of your own life.

Card Symbols

  • Figure
  • Cliff
  • Dog
  • Bark
  • White flower
  • Mountains
  • White sun
  • Number 0 or 22

Card Meaning

The start of new affairs. Energy, optimism, happiness and power. Predicts unexpected circumstances. It sometimes means that the person to which the cards are opened doesn’t want anyone to know much about him/her.
Also referred to as: Madman.

Reversed Card Meaning

Rash actions, symbolizes madness and negligence, waste of time and effort.


Find yourself something new to do, try to play a new game.


Avoid any kind of disorder and don’t be too careless.

Card of the Day

Today is a day to be open-minded to new experiences. Take things with as less bias as possible and don’t take anything to the heart. Bad or unpleasant things should only be taken with curiosity. The less you think about your usual beliefs and opinions, the more creative and unexpected this day will be. If you understand that certain matters must be started over from scratch today – do not be saddened by it, cheerfully start the new beginning instead. You can afford to go a bit crazy today!

Card of the Year

This year may play an important role in your life. Try to learn and understand all the possibilities which become available to you. Let the next 12 months be an eternal spring. Let go of your seriousness and your usual methods of solving problems. Let life bestow you with surprises. Let your innate curiosity guide you. Instinctively take action without worrying or trying to figure out where this path will lead you. You have a chance to experience something truly unusual, something that has escaped the everyday life routine. As the Fool symbolizes carelessness and overshadowed joy of life, it is quite possible that by the end of this year you will feel much younger than today.

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