The Cauldron

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A cauldron (kettle, pot) is one of the important tools of Wiccan witchcraft, holding much symbolism. It is an ancient vessel for cooking and at the same time it is surrounded by magic and mysterious traditions. In Wiccan faith, the cauldron symbolizes the Goddess, the essence of femininity and fertility. It also symbolizes the element of Water, reincarnation, immortality and inspiration. Celtic legends associated with Ceridwen cauldron and Bran the Blessed have much influence on Wicca.

The cauldron is usually a main part of rituals. During the spring rite, it is filled with water and flowers, in winter it’s filled with fire which symbolizes the return of warmth and light of the Sun (God) from the cauldron (Goddess). Such a connection can be traced back from ancient myths, where God was born in the winter, matured at summer and died after the last harvest. The cauldron represents the womb of the Goddess. Some witches fill their pots with water on the night of Samhain, and make use of them in order to look into the future or the past.

A cauldron should ideally be made out of iron, mounted on three legs and its neck slightly narrower than its widest part. Cauldrons come in many different sizes and shapes, and are being collected by avid practitioners. The cauldron’s most traditional form is an old, iron cast pot on three legs. It is used for making various beverages like cider, food, potions, burning incense and so on.

A magic crystal can serve as a replacement for the cauldron, if you fill it with water and carefully look into its dark depths.

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