Strength Tarot Card

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The card illustrates a young girl, closing the jaws of a lion without using any force. It is a symbol of strength, self-confidence and innocence.

Do not think that the mind is the only thing which should be given attention. Remember also the body, take care of it and save up the energy. Then the mind will overcome all doubts and will release the subconscious, which will lead you on the right path.

This is a sign that right now you are the master of your fate, but only if you really have that inner strength and the awareness of self-righteousness.

This card is a witness of your nature’s excesses: you are so cheerful, so caught up in your own emotions and desire for pleasure, that these qualities distinguish you from the rest, forcing some to admire you, and others to envy. Learn to understand these diverse forces, which are a large part of your life.

This is evidence that up until now you were going on the right path. Will you continue on the same way or turn aside – is your choice to make. The Strength tarot card is a challenge for you. This is how fate decides whether you have the right to act at your own risk, or are you a simple “imposter”?

Card Symbols

  • Lion
  • Woman in white clothes
  • Closing the lion’s jaws
  • Flower garland
  • Sign of infinity
  • Number 8

Card Meaning

Symbol of soft and feminine strength. This card means courage, ability to curb your passions, good health and success.
Additional Card Meanings: Energy, courage.

Reversed Card Meaning

Weakness, flexibility, self-doubt and poor health. When reversed this card indicates the inability of a person to resist bad habits.


Devote yourself entirely to a beloved person, business or a new sensation.


Don’t overestimate your strength, it will bring bad consequences.

Card of the Day

Today is your peak of productivity. You are full of energies and your soul requires action, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly get carried away with passion about certain deal or in some relationship with another person. You can use this day to make something great and important at work. Show your interest. Today you’ll have the strength to overcome any obstacle.

Card of the Year

This year will be full of passionate hobbies. Maybe there will be a person you’ll fall in love with, and maybe some new business or occupation to which you’ll devote yourself entirely. In any case, you will experience a creative impulse, which will help you to overcome outmoded patterns and memories of the past. Don’t be surprised if you’ll have to get inside a conflict with certain moral principles, which seemed particularly inviolable in the past. First check if these are really true principles, or maybe a mere formality, and if so it’s time to get rid of it. When you will feel freedom, then you’ll understand that this year is truly happy.


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