Three of Wands Tarot Card

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Three of Wands card means the beginning of a new and very important stage in person’s life. It might be a new level of development or a major step that a person should make to achieve a great success in business or personal relationship. At the same time you should not jump to conclusions, but think about everything in advance. The time of doubts and thoughts has passed and it’s time for real actions to implement your ideas. You have to be active in order to carry out your plans.

Paired with World Tarot Card and Emperor Tarot Card, the Three of Wands card tells that in your life will soon be a new person who will bring you only positive emotions and interesting information. This person is also a mark of valuable news that might raise your business or work of art to a new higher level.

Card Symbols

  • Broad-shouldered man
  • Elevation
  • Sea and horizon, painted in golden yellow tones
  • Arriving ships
  • Number 3 and an element

Card Meaning

Primary order, solid foundation, success and a strong position. You’ve reached a point where you can stand on four legs and there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Additional Card Meanings: Discovery, commerce.

Reversed Card Meaning

A cooperation in which you are not free, betrayal, an understatement of an enemy, neglect of proposed help or overly cautious attitude towards the person who offers this help (reinsurance).


Check and make sure you have a good foundation and a strong position, so that you can safely look to the future.


Don’t handle a case without making sure it has a foundation and a perspective.

Card of the Day

Either you already have a very strong position, or today you will finally rise to a level from which you will discover vast opportunities. Use this opportunity to realize your potential, to look into the future and to choose the right path to your goal.

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