Hanged Man Tarot Card

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The card illustrates a young man hanging by one leg on a bar. His face is calm and his left foot thrown freely on the right leg. Hanged Man indicates a learner, because learning is almost always based on coercion and personal restraint.

Something new happened in your life and it seems to you as strange and inexplicable. Don’t be shy, open up to the new and look at everything differently. If the world has turned upside down, you should stand on year head too. Learn, be patient and wait, keep a clear spirit.

Your life reached a turning point and it’s time for you to decide in which direction to go. You might need to bring a sacrifice to obtain a desired goal. Otherwise, you will still lose something, but it might be a much bigger loss.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a person’s character, the Hanged Man card shows a depth of inner nature, sense of responsibility and duty, a desire to receive only the best, a willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of close people. This card also indicates that this person has such qualities as prudence, foresight and tireless search for his place in life. In other words, this person has a complete and fully developed personality and certainly has something to be proud of.

Card Symbols

  • Tau cross
  • Crossed legs over arms folded in a triangle
  • World upside down
  • Halo
  • Number 12

Card Meaning

A desire to accept changes, life versatility and flexibility of thinking.
Additional Card Meanings: Wisdom, sacrifice, change of priorities.

Reversed Card Meaning

An excessive interest in your affairs, a waste of strength or loss of initiative. It indicates your indecision, inability to make a right choice at a right time, resulting in large losses.


Choose your point of view in order to understand something new.


Don’t be depressed and don’t cling to the past.

Card of the Day

This day will teach you a lesson of patience. One option is that something that runs too long, will be delayed even further, and another is that there will be a delay in a new case, which you didn’t expect. Don’t try to speed things up, especially by force it will make it only worse. It might be enough just to reconsider your attitude towards what is happening and look at everything in a new light. If this fails, then you have to make some sacrifice in order to continue.

Card of the Year

This year should be a turning point in your life. You have reached a dead end, so in any case you’ll have to turn one way or another. If you feel that you are in a trap, then don’t be stuck in a position of “neither there nor here”, but let the crisis go deeper. You won’t be able to get out of the trap by force, don’t even try. It’s like quicksand – the more you try, the more you sink. It is better to be patient and be willing to forget old habits and to learn to treat your problems as an object of a long and fascinating study. Then the decision will come by itself and it probably will be very simple. However all the solutions seem simple after they have been found.

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