Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

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The card illustrates a wheel, which turns clockwise. There are several beasts next to the wheel. A Sphinx sits on top of the wheel, which holds a sword in its lion’s paws. The card isn’t negative nor is it positive, rather unstable since it indicates a constant cycle of events.

The Wheel of Fortune card is a symbol that good is always followed by something bad, and bad in turn is followed by something good. Thus this card can be interpreted clearly only by relying on the neighboring cards. In any case, eventually everything will fall into its place as it should be.

Card Symbols

  • Wheel
  • Anubis, Sphinx and Seth
  • Four winged creatures – The Lion, The Ox, The Man and The Eagle
  • Letters T-A-R-O
  • Hebrew letters YHWH
  • Alchemical symbols
  • Number 10

Card Meaning

A symbol of wisdom and a change of destiny for the better. Sometimes the card predicts a sudden smile of fate. In relation to other cards, it increases their good effects and reduces the bad.
Additional Card Meanings: Good luck, purpose.

Reversed Card Meaning

When the card is reversed it also means changes for the better, but after a long time. Sometimes it means a resistance to changes, which are still inevitable. At some point, you’ve set your feet in a wrong place and immediately found yourself “left out”. But you still cherish a hope to climb back up on the wheel!


Know your destiny and learn to manage it by yourself.


Don’t be fatalistic.

Card of the Day

There are days when we should submit to the inevitable. If you feel that events are advancing steadily, then let them happen. Remember that each event has its meaning, even if you don’t know it yet. So it is quite possible that in the end everything will turn for the better.

Card of the Year

This year will be mostly successful. The only problem is that we usually don’t realize our good fortune (at least not right away), so fate literally has to poke our nose into it. Hence it is clear that your sense of yourself this year will depend directly on whether you were able to recognize the sign of fate. This sign often reflects our inner strings and not what we think of ourselves. A dilemma rises. A person can be upset because things didn’t go as he expected, but he might not understand that actually it is a real success, which meets the truest and deepest needs of his soul.


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