May Queen Tarot Card Spread

1 12 years ago

This is a great tarot spread to perform on the Beltane Sabbat. The card positions resemble a flower crown.

1 – Safety and emotional security. What do you need in order to feel safe? Where do you feel safe? Even if the card in this position happens to be negative, it means there is a solution that requires your attention. This card gives an incentive to action. It is recommended to work with the energies of this card to gain a sense of personal safety.

2 – The feel of fullness. This position shows financial prosperity, but can also describe the emotional breadth of your life. This card will direct you to the flow of compressed energy.

3 – Investigation of possibilities. This card can indicate the need to take a bold action.

4 – Emotions and relationships. All forms of love, from friendship to sexual passion. Only you know what your heart says. Look at this card and ask yourself: what does it tell you about your life right now? What prevails in love?

  • Wands: passion or anger.
  • Cups: love or friendship.
  • Swords: love coming out of wisdom and not the heart, pain or a painful decision.
  • Pentacles: sensuality, body, or the values that you put on love.
  • Court cards: personal characteristics of your relationship.
  • Major Arcana: detailed picture, karma, spiritual aspects of your relationship.

5 – The future. Developments in the long term, the likely outcome of the problem, based on an analysis of cards in positions (1) to (4). What kind of of story do the cards tell? Which lessons are to be learned from them and what is the potential for growth. What is the relation of the card in position (3) to the proposed future?


  1. Pagan Priestess~

    Just did this with my Divination deck…can’t complain, looked pretty good!

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