Complete Recovery Ritual

1 12 years ago

This ritual should be performed on Sunday, when there’s a rising moon. You will need the following items in order to perform the ritual:

  • Astrological candle for the ill
  • Small candle, blue colored
  • Small candle, red colored
  • Jasmine incense
  • Amber crystal
  • Gardenia oil
  • Pine needle grass

The spell below is needed in order to perform and complete the ritual. These are the words you will say:

“The body always strives for inviolability. All of its powers are geared towards healing and recovery of strength. The energy of light defeats illnesses”.

The ritual itself

Light the altar candle and incense. Scribble the name of the sick person on the astrological candle (it is possible to use only initials). Lubricate the candle against wick and place it in front of the altar candle. Lubricate the blue and red candles and place them on the sides of the astrological candle. First light the astrological candle, then the blue one and the red one afterwards. Place the amber crystal near the astrological candle. Spread the pine needles across the altar. Read the spell several times. Wait for the candles to burn out completely. The ritual is now complete.


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