Expelling Ghosts Ritual

0 12 years ago

Your home might not always be protected against unwanted visitors, who sometimes enter and leave traces of negative energy around your home.

The cause for these visits might be because of your magic practice which draws unwanted entities or spirits, who can decide if your home is a suitable place for their residency. Fortunately, there following ritual will help you remove such spirits and the negative energies they leave behind.


  • Incense burner
  • A bunch of salvia
  • A large feather

Take the salvia and burn it so it becomes smoldered. Put the grass in the incense burner, in order to carry it around the house. A small note: be sure that the incense burner doesn’t heat too fast so that you won’t hurt your fingers.

Begin by removing the negative energy from yourself. Spread the smoke through your body with the help of a feather from head to toe, while visualizing how the smoke cleanses your aura. Afterwards walk with the incense across all rooms, leaving the smoke in every corner. In each room you enter, say the following:

“Be gone from here, unwanted energies. You are banished from this room and this home.”

Imagine a black cloud that is gathering in the center, and with a single stroke of feather flies away through the window. Clean all the rooms in your home in such a way, including the attic and the basement. When done, meditate in a quiet place. Feel how your heart gets filled with golden light of infinite love to the place you live in. Afterwards, feel how this light flies away from you and fills your entire home.

And this completes the ritual.

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