Censer and Incense

0 12 years ago

The burning of incense or aromatic herbs, resins and bark, while practicing religious rituals or other ceremonies – is a very ancient custom, which existed in many parts of the world. In ancient times it was believed that incense smoke send prayers to the heavens. In addition, the burning of incense creates a certain atmosphere and helps in completing a magical ritual.

Incense is used in candle magic, as various sorts of incense are considered vital for successful magical practice. In ancient Egypt, people often used complex blends of sixteen different incense sorts. While you don’t have to do the same, it is recommended to try to mix a few sorts of incense and see what works best for you.

The censer element is Air. Incense smoke cleans the air and space during and after a ritual. The smoke drives away unwanted energies, brings air to the Goddess and God, increases the level of vibrations, relaxes, attracts positive energy, collects and concentrates the force. Smoking incense is a statement of respect towards the deities.

Incense itself is burned on pieces of charcoal. You might find charcoal as flammable pellets in esoteric shops, they contain nitrate (or potassium nitrate), which makes them light up by simply touching them with a match. When they are lit up and burn evenly, place some incense on them using a spoon. This is a very economic method and doesn’t require much incense. A censer (incense burner) should ideally be hung on a chain. There are many variations of censers and incense burners, you should be able to choose one for your needs.

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