Beltane Ritual for Pregnancy

3 12 years ago

Beltane Sabbat is a celebration of fertility and marriage. It is a good time to perform a ritual to empower your womb.

Take a small doll and make a cradle for it. Decorate the cradle with the symbols of growth: gold coins, shiny crystals, nuts, seeds, corn.

Tie nine ribbons to the cradle: red, yellow, green and blue ribbons to represent the four seasons, silver ribbon for the moon, gold ribbon for the sun, white for Mother Earth, purple for Father Sky and a pink ribbon for a new life. Fasten all ribbons in a clockwise direction while saying:

“Create the threads of love, bring seeds and multiply. My child will be safe from any harm. You, to whom I give all hope; growing energies of the earth, water, air and fire, moon, sky and Mother Earth, who gives life to all, help me!”

Connect the ribbons with three knots and say:

“As the two become three, three become six and six become nine, so will the seed grow inside of my womb”.

Put the cradle next to your bed, and put a vase of fresh flowers next to it. In the morning after, pour salt over the cradle nine times and then pour nine drops of water. Light a silver candle and a cinnamon incense stick to honor the moon. Move the candle clockwise nine times and drop a bit of candle wax on the cradle. Then you will need to apply the incense smoke on the cradle in a clockwise movement. Leave the cradle for 14 days after the Beltane holiday, while periodically changing the flowers with fresh ones. The old flowers are to be buried in the ground.


  1. Theresa

    A bit suesirprd it seems to simple and yet useful.

  2. Nikki

    I want to learn and gain more knowledge and techniques and just anything and everything you can and will teach me whatever you can if you are unable to please point me in the direction I need to go I live in mobile, al here there aren’t many ppl who are open to the non “Christian” belief system and I only know of 2 ppl who know anything about the craft neither of which I have rare contact with one doesn’t live in the area anymore and the other suffers from severe migraines due to a brain tumor. On top of it all I can’t drive so transportation is extremely rare.

    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Nikki Stockton

  3. Linda Bostic

    Merry Meet, I came here from the Rocky Mountains. I had a baby Girl with a home delivery with a Mid-wife. She came from Boulder to help me deliver my child. She knew very much about herbs & birthing and I learned most of it myself since. I’ve since became the Mother, Grandmother & Greatgrandmother to 18 children. Blessed Be!

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