Protection Blessing Ritual for Mabon

1 12 years ago

On the day of balance between heat and cold, between light and darkness, we can find a proper balance for a Mabon Sabbat blessing. Since Mabon is a day of balance, do not ask for blessings only for yourself, but wish blessings for everyone equally.

This Wiccan ritual is performed so that you could feel the balanced energies, to protect yourself in your home, to call for wealth and prosperity. The ritual also gives a reason to decorate your home for the Wiccan holiday.

You can perform this ritual during Mabon, or at least as close as possible to the dates of this equinox.


  • 2 candles, black and white
  • Fruits, vegetables, grain, leaves for house decoration

Take both candles and place them next to each other but no too close. They represent a balance between light and darkness. Light the candles. Start to decorate your room or your whole house with leaves and fruits while slowly saying the following:

“I protect what surrounds me and my house,
I bless with the power of nature,
This day of balance has come
Harvest and prosperity it brings home.

We are reaping the harvests of our efforts,
We call for hope and joy.
Working hard to preserve the harvest,
To live wealthy in the winter.

Blessed be my house,
And all those who dwell in it,
With the force of nature, that decorates forests,
With the power of earth, that sends wealth.

I embrace the fading light,
I am ready for winter, I accept the night
Let me be comfortable in winter,
Protection of the Goddess is always with me.

The magic of autumn is dancing around,
Nature grants the equinox,
Blessed be for wealth,
So be it!”

When you finish decorating, leave the candles to burn out in a safe place. Have a happy and blessed Wiccan Mabon!


  1. Linda Mcnulty

    Wonderful blessing, going to write this in my BOS for my solitary blessing.

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