How to Celebrate Litha

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If you are out of ideas on how to celebrate the Litha Sabbat or simply want to get inspired and learn of new ways, read on to learn about the things you can do on Litha.

Sunrise greet. Light a candle just before dawn on the street, where it is best to see the rising sun. Spend the day outdoors and part with the sun on the west side, where it is best to see the sunset. Ignite the candle once more, to give power to the departing sun.

Summer water. Pour some water into a golden bowl, surround it with the season’s flowers and leave it there from on the evening before the summer solstice, until the noon of the longest day. The water will have special healing properties and energy, and it can be kept inside a regular or golden bottle. You can pour such water to your bath for strength and confidence.

Summer garden. Plant a little sunny garden at home or outside. Use seeds or flowers that are appropriate to the summer season: rosemary, marigolds, ornamental sunflowers, yellow marigolds and other sun-like flowers. Plant them in a circle and use the center to place something shiny such as glassware, foil, mirrors and etc.

Wild strawberries. You can go outside to collect wild strawberries, choose the most beautiful of the berries and scatter them around the meadow while thanking the Goddess and the earth for the berries.

Altar decoration. Many witches decorate their altar with roses, because this is a time of the year when flowers are dedicated to the Goddess.

Fairy gifts. Prepare gifts for fairies and leave the gifts outside: milk and honey, pillows from dried plants.

Something for the children

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  • Spend some time with the kids to make dolls out of twigs and flowers.
  • To preserve the memories of summer, take a box with a lid, and let the children collect gifts from nature (in the park, the woods, the yard). flat items or objects are glued on the box, while other items are placed inside. Have the children make a story for each of the gifts and tell it.
  • The children can plant seeds in a custom pot on their own, and take care of the plant and watch it grow over time.


Additional ideas for Litha

  • Craft or buy a necklace talisman made of sea shells.
  • Go outside for a nice picnic.
  • Take photos of the sunrise and the sunset of Litha day.
  • Let the kids make their own “Green Man” masks.
  • Make a Wicker Man and burn it in the fire of Litha.
  • Burn what is left of your Yule Sabbat tree or wreath.
  • Arrange a play of the battle between the Oak King and the Holly King.
  • Light a white candle and place it in front of a mirror. Speak your prayer for Litha and let the candle burn completely.
  • Jump over a bonfire or a cauldron.
  • Make your own little sand Stonehenge at the beach.
  • Perform a ritual in honor of Litha.
  • Get rid of the qualities that give you problems. Concentrate and project these qualities on things like dry twigs, paper and other things that can burn. Put them inside of a cleansing fire.
  • Make a magic wand.
  • Make a Litha dream pillow.

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