How to Celebrate the Mabon Festival

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If you don’t know how to celebrate the Mabon Sabbat, or out of new ideas on what to do this year – this article might help you get new ideas and learn how to enjoy Mabon in a fun and festive way.

The first thing you can do is to decorate your house and Wiccan altar. Mabon’s colors are autumn such as gold, orange, red, copper and bronze. Autumn leaves, corn, herbs, pumpkin and other items can also be placed on the altar. You can cover your altar with a gold colored cloth, although the color depends on the tradition.

Perform a ritual for Mabon. If you don’t know any rituals, have a look at our Mabon page to see a list of related rituals.

Arrange a feast on Mabon, use vegetables and fruit from the harvest. We have tasty Mabon recipes that you can try if you haven’t yet decided on what to cook.

Try to make Mabon-related charms, talismans and amulets. You can use materials such as ribbons, acorns and cinnamon sticks to craft unique items. We have a whole section on Wiccan charms here.

Modern Celebration of Mabon

Connect with your artistic side. Celebrate with art exhibitions, games and various events where you can express and show you talents. Take the time to find things to do during the upcoming winter.

Think about your career. Does your job satisfy you? Is there something that can be done to improve your salary, or even think about a new career path that suits you. Mabon is perfect for a new direction in education and work.

You can spend some time outside during Mabon. The summer might be over, but the beautiful autumn weather is still here. Enjoy the cool old days and bright autumn colors. Gather a few red and yellow leaves to decorate your home and altar.

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