Fulfillment of Desires Beltane Ritual

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This is a family Beltane Sabbat ritual, and your children can also be included. It is best to perform this ritual late at night, if possible. Have a family dinner before the ritual, consisting of things like light salad, fresh fruit and bread. When you’re done, cover the table and begin the ritual itself.

You will need one flower pot for each of the family members who participate in the ritual. In addition to that, you will need soil to fill the pots, seeds of your favorite plants or flowers, cups of water, pieces of paper and pen for each family member, a small kettle or cauldron with fire, and a table on which your Wiccan altar will sit. You can perform the ritual outside and make a nice bonfire if you have a garden.

The oldest person in the family should carry out the ritual, saying:

“We welcome the spring! Light is returned, and life has returned to earth. The soil is dark and full of energy, and this evening we plant our seeds. They will fall into the soil, giving out roots while they wait for the time to meet the sun. We plant the seeds and thank the earth for its strength and new life!”

Now it’s time for each of the family members to fill their pots with soil, and spread the seeds around the pot. Say the following:

“These tiny seeds contain life, they will sprout and bring us wealth. Flowers, herbs and vegetables, fruits from the bounty of earth. We are grateful for the new crops that they will give us”.

Everyone has to sow the seeds inside the pots. Help the children if they are having trouble. Finally, hand out the cups of water to everyone and say:

“The water is cool and life giving! Give life to the seeds, moisten the soil. We are grateful for the water because it allows life to bloom again”.

Let everyone pour water on their soil inside the pot. Place all the pots on the altar table when done. Give a piece of paper and pen to everyone and say the following:

“Tonight we plant the seeds in the ground, but the holiday of fires – is a time when others can grow as well. We plant the seeds of desire in our hearts and souls and we wish to see them bloom. We plant the seeds of love, wisdom and happiness, and we harvest the harmony and joy. We add water to bring life and wealth of all kinds to our home. We give our desires to the fire, so the universe will grant them”.

Everyone needs to write down their wishes and desires on paper, be it happiness, financial security, health, strong relationships and so on. For children it can be simpler, but even if your child wants things like a pony – don’t hinder him. When done, everyone should carefully throw their papers to the fire. When all the desires burn, you can sit down and celebrate Beltane.


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