Fertility and Energy Ritual for Beltane

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Such a Beltane Sabbat ritual can be performed for the development of your own creativity and personal growth. This ritual suits solitary practitioners as well as a group or a coven.

Firstly, you will need to start a small fire. This can be a small bonfire in the street, or a fire in the hearth indoors. It is especially recommended to use branches from oak, ash, blackthorn, willow, birch, rowan, alder, holly and yew trees. If you perform this ritual with a coven, everyone can help ignite the fire. If you are unable to start a fire for any reason, use a thick green candle instead. Place it on a wide, deep fireproof tray on a layer of sand.

If you are performing the ritual with a group or a coven, stand in a circle and let each person pick up a small candle. The first person lights his candle, and then passes the flame from one candle to another, ending with the last person lighting the central candle. Everyone involved can say the spell together:

“Fire of Beltane, fire of summer’s sun and light, flame inside of my heart, my soul, my body, my life and flare lighting above, welcoming the summer sun”.

If possible, take an oak or thorn twig and move it in a circular motion clockwise around the fire or candle, saying the following:

“Fire of healing, fires of fertility, bring what is needed and not what is wanted. Heal the planet, bless the harvest. God of light, we welcome your dawn”.

Throw the twig into the fire and wait a bit. Remove the twig and lift it up for a moment while saying:

“Fire of Beltane, connect with my fire with all the fires across the world in this day and in this hour, bring bright flames to empower the sun’s light, ignite and blaze my heart forever”.

Throw the twig back into the flames, then jump up high in the air while saying:

“Rise and bring strength, wealth and the ability to create”.

It isn’t recommended jumping over the fire as the ancestors did, as there is risk of getting hurt.

If you use a candle, then each person in turn can lower one end of the twigs into the flames and keep them there until they start to smolder, then put it on a tray to let it slowly burn out. Let the fire burn to ashes.

To close the Beltane ritual, make a few small flower bouquets and place them on the doorstep of people you love and care about.

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