Mabon Tree Branch Ritual

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In order to perform this Mabon Sabbat ritual, you will need the following magic tools and instruments:

  • Red altar cloth
  • Basket
  • Red apple
  • Selected fruits and vegetables from the second harvest (berries, squash, corn, etc)
  • Ritual bell
  • Boline
  • 1 or 2 shoots of ivy
  • Autumn incense
  • Fallen tree branch: You should specifically look for a fallen tree branch. It doesn’t have to be big, because you will need to decorate your Wiccan altar, and then hang it inside of your home. Four branches will do. Take a couple of pine cones, small shells, dried flowers or any other thing that reminds you of the spring and summer months. Tie the pieces to each branch, which can be done with a ribbon (yellow, orange, red and gold colors). Tie one end of the ribbon to the branch. Write down your plans which you will be working on the coming dark months on a thin strips of colored paper. Wrap the strips of paper around the branch with a silver thread, in such a way that will remind you of little hanging cocoons. You will open these strips of paper when you begin to feel powerless or lose your direction.

To begin the ritual, create a Wiccan magic circle while moving clockwise. Mark the boundaries of the circle with a red lace, and place harvest crops around the circle (wheat, corn, beans etc). Set up your altar and cover it with a red cloth. Fill your basket with fruits and vegetables and place it on top. Place the apple and your boline on the altar pentacle. Place the tree branch to the right of the basket.

Now it’s time to take a shower or a bath to purify yourself. Sit quietly and meditate to ground and focus yourself. When you are ready, turn on relaxing and soothing music that is associated with Mabon and your ritual. Create a circle and call upon the quarters. Take a wand in your right hand, turn to the altar while your hand is raised above your head, and say the following:

“I honor thee, Queen of Autumn, and thy companion, the God of the Harvest.
The wheel has turned again, and now begins the change of the season.
What will be, already was. What was, will be again.
The equinox is upon us.
All times are joined in this sacred space.
I feel a change at this moment
Because of the turn from one season to another.
The second crop is harvested, and rest is well deserved.
Now, the Great Mother goes to sleep.
Now the Great Father wants revival.
I’ll be here to welcome your revival.”

While your hand still above your head, close your eyes. Think about what you said. After that take an apple and place it in the center of the pentacle. Use the boline to cut the apple in such a way to create a natural pentagram inside of the apple. Raise the apple half with the pentagram, as if you are offering it and say the following:

“The wheel turns, seasons change, and years open the door for the future,
Lead me, oh wise Gods,
If I forget,
That every beginning has an end
And ever end has a new beginning.”

Take a bite from the apple. Put the leftovers aside (to leave it to the nature later). Take a tree branch and shake it in each direction, starting from the north and say:

“When the days grow colder and the nights get longer,
I can remember the last summer.
When sunlight fades, the last of shades
My memories will warm the soul.
From the season of exhausting work and hard play,
I hear the voice of the Mother calling me back.
While I am resting, She will lull me with songs of dreams,
Cradling on her chest.”

Turn towards the altar and throw your hands to the sides, saying:

“With the memories of summer, which I will not forget,
And with the coming of cold months,
I will not stop trying,
I will honor you with this symbol of nature,
Keeping it and you in my house and heart,
To see it and stop,
Feeling ancient mysteries,
Telling me to understand myself,
And others, and everything that is in life.”

Place the tree branch on the altar, inside the basket of your crops so that it will look in your direction. Think about the memories that you tied to the branch. Also think about the plans for autumn and winter. Close your eyes and feel the change of seasons within a range from summer to autumn. When ready, say the following:

“I stand in this sacred place between the worlds.
All of time – is here and now.
When I leave this circle, the season has already passed,
And I will change with it.
I use the calmness of winter
To receive strength, power and knowledge,
For the true understanding of the world.”

Take the ivy and wrap it around the arm, from elbow to wrist. Take the bell with your right hand and ring it three times, which symbolizes the passage of the first three seasons. Now take it in your left hand and call one time to meet the fourth and final season. Put the bell down on the altar and the ivy into the pot for burning later. Say the following:

“In life and death, and in death and life.
The sacred dance continues,
From where we came, that way we will go,
And come again.
Seasons come and go,
The circle remains inseparable,
Gods, hear the words of your son (or daughter)
I talked with your wisdom.”

Now it?s time for meditation and any witchcraft spell you might need to cast, or you can just finish the celebration of the Mabon Sabbat. Suitable Mabon spells and witchcraft after the performance of such a ritual are protection spells and money spells. If you don?t have any spells to cast, do not forget to close your magic circle. The tree branch should be hanged in a suitable location inside your home.

This ritual is dedicated to the fox, as it gracefully moves from one season of life to another.

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