Solitary Mabon Ritual

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The Wiccan solitary Mabon Sabbat ritual is best performed during the early evening hours, just after sunset – as this is the time of day that corresponds to the time of the year. Sweep the area, starting from the north while moving clockwise using the broom, in order to clean the area of the magic circle from negative energies. Mark the boundaries of the circle with whatever is more convenient to you.

Place four candles in the quarters: north – green candle, east – yellow candle, south – red candle, west – blue candle. Setup your altar as you like best, turn it to the north and cover it with a red altar cloth.

In addition to the regular altar tools and items, you should add the following as well:

  • Red of brown altar cloth
  • Cornucopia filled with fruit and vegetables
  • Red apple
  • Boline or a sharp knife (to cut the apple)
  • Altar pentacle
  • Bell
  • A second wand that is decorated with colored ribbons
  • Basket (to carry the second wand)
  • Incense, any of the following (combined or not): frankincense, jasmine, cinnamon, musk, clove, benzoin, myrrh, sage.

After placing all the needed items on your Wiccan altar, take a shower or a bath for purification. When finished, put on your ritual clothes, and don’t forget to wear a magical jewel. Sit quietly and meditate for a short time to ground and center yourself before the witchcraft ritual. When you feel ready to start, you can put on soothing and peaceful music to play during the ritual.

Once the circle is created, start the Mabon ritual. Sit in silence for some time, and when ready say the following words loudly:

“Lady Autumn, Queen of the Harvest,
I saw you in the setting sun,
with long brown curls,
Fluttering in the cold air that surrounds you.
Your crown is decorated with gold leaf
amber, amethyst, and rubies.
Your long, flowing purple gown
Extends beyond the horizon.
You hold ripe fruit in your hands.
At your feet squirrels collect acorns.
Black crows are sitting on your outstretched hands.
Falling leaves everywhere around you.
You sit on a throne and watch the dying fires
The setting sun, shining its last shades in the sky.
Then all colors fade at dusk.
Lady Autumn, You’re finally here.
I thank You for Your rewards.
I worked hard for these gifts.
Lady Autumn, grant me peace and rest.”

After that, sit in silence and think about the importance of autumn. When you are ready, take the wand in your strong hand, turn to the north with your arms wide open and say the following:

“The Wheel of the Year turns again and again,
Inviting us to a season and then the next,
and from the next to the following,
What will be, already was. What was, will be again.
All time – here and now in this sacred space.

Now I linger to watch the wheels turning
and spread out the terms of this blessed evening
To celebrate the season of Mabon, Autumn Equinox –
the Second Harvest.
At this point in time,
I begin to praise the generous aging Goddess
and her husband, the God of the Harvest.
I want to offer my thanks and feel
Part of the inexorable rotation
Of the Wheel of Life, the death and rebirth.

Oh Great God of Wine and Harvest,
known as Mabon, Dionysus, Bacchus and Thor –
Grant me the strength and understanding
for this season and for all.

O Great Goddess of the Harvest and the Underworld,
known as Demeter, Persephone, Modron and Morgan –
Teach me the secrets of the mysteries and the ways of magic.”

Place the wand back on the altar. With your hands above the altar, say the following:

“Time of change again upon us –
Equinox comes, the Wheel turns…

The Goddess and God are preparing
By traveling in the other world,
as the Earth and all her children
preparing to the time of silence
and thinking what lies ahead…

I have to use this autumn,
to look for strength and power within me
to aid in my personal search
vision, understanding and peace…

I must see and feel the presence of
Goddess and the God in me,
As well as externally,
The earth begins to see its dreams…

Keep me in your light…”

Lower your hands and sit quietly again, thinking for a while. When you are ready, stand facing north, raise your hands in greeting and say:

“Between the worlds, I built this sacred altar.
Out of time, this leads to the ancient rite of the way.
Where can I get high with Demeter of Olympus
And to do great magic. Stay here, I call”

Put your decorated wand into the basket and bring it to the north. Say the following:

“Persephone returns to the Underworld.
Do not cry, Mother Earth,
For God’s loved child is here.”

Take the basket to the east, and say:

“Persephone returns to the Underworld.
While the light fades,
He must return to Earth.”

Take the basket to the south, and say:

“Persephone returns to the Underworld.
The cold of winter comes,
But only for a short time.”

Complete this segment by taking the basket west and saying:

“Persephone returns to the Underworld.
The land must lie in sleep,
While the Light of the Divine Child
Still hasn’t grown in strength.”

Put the basket on the floor in front of the altar. Ring the bell three times. Take your boline in your strong hand and an apple in the second hand and say the following:

“Tell me your hidden secrets,
So I could come to an understanding of your holy mysteries.”

Put the apple on the altar pentacle and cut it crosswise using the boline. Say the following:

“In life – death, and in death – life.
Everyone must follow the sacred dance to the cauldron,
To die and be reborn again.
Help me remember
That every beginning has an end
And every ending has a new beginning.”

Take a piece of the cut apple. The rest of the apple should be placed on the street later, for the birds to eat. Say the following:

“Holy Mother, Demeter,
Support and protect me in times of adversity.
Guide me to the secrets.
You and your daughter Persephone have the power
Lead me to a new awareness.”

Now it’s time for meditation and any witchcraft spell you might need to cast, or you can just finish the celebration of the Mabon Sabbat. Suitable Mabon spells and witchcraft after the performance of such a ritual are protection spells and money spells. If you don’t have any spells to cast, do not forget to close your magic circle.


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