Parting With the Passing Year Samhain Ritual

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In order to perform this Samhain ritual, you will need the following:

  • Black candles
  • Small white bone (chicken bone or a piece of dry wood will do) wrapped in black cloth
  • 3 dried leaves
  • Small white candle
  • A bit of nuts and fruit for the altar
  • Small pumpkin with a candle inside of it
  • Photograph of a beloved person who died
  • Tasty food for consecration
  • Patchouli or willow incense

Sit inside of your Wiccan magic circle with two lighted black candles on the Wiccan altar, quietly think about the dark time and about how you feel. Entrust your feelings to the Goddess and ask for calmness, should you feel the need. When you’re ready, light a black candle and place it inside your cauldron. This should be done from the west part of your circle in honor of the Horned God, who descended to the world of the dead. You can dance or move from side to side in order to awaken the power, and sing the following:

“Great Lord, in your mysteries
Protect me and show me
The wonders of land and sea
All of the history, all history, all history.”

Call out each dried leaf by what you need gone from your life. For example, you can say: “Summer needs to die in the earth, evil in humans will also die, and let my shyness go away”. While calling out each of these things, place a dry leaf inside of the cauldron. Face the altar and say the following:

“Great Mother, the darkness has come, the darkness has come. What is left of life?”

Break the bone and place it on your altar, saying:

“The bones remain, the bones remain”

Light a small white candle, and say:

“Bone and stone can be so cold, but spring will bring bright flowers”

Repeat “Bright flowers, bright flowers” a few times.

You may want to communicate with the spirit of the deceased. Send love and blessings towards the spirit. Now it is time to consecrate your food and enjoy eating it. Think about how you feel much better, that things you wanted removed from your life will be gone with the passing year, and a new beginning will start with the new year.

After closing your magic circle, throw the leaves outside your house. Eat the nuts.

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