Samhain Celebration Ritual

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This Samhain Sabbat ritual should be performed during the evening hours, sometime after sunset. Sweep the area, starting in the north and moving clockwise, using the broom to clean the area the magical circle and to ‘sweep away’ the negative energies. Place four candles in the quarters (green candle to the north, yellow candle to the east, red candle to the south and blue candle to the west) or other items the symbolize the elements of the quarters. Set up your Wiccan altar as you like and turn it to the north, cover it with orange and black altar cloth. Decorate your altar with photos, obituaries and other memorabilia of your deceased relatives, friends or pets. In addition to the this setup, you will need the following tools for the ritual:

  • Orange or black altar cloth
  • Photographs, obituaries and other memorabilia of your loved ones
  • Three candles in candlesticks for the Triple Goddess (one white, one red and one black – placed on the left side of the altar)
  • Three candles in candlesticks for the Triple God (one yellow, one green and one black – placed on the right side of the altar)
  • Cauldron with a black candle inside
  • Apple and a boline (or other sharp knife to cut the apple)
  • Food and drinks of your choice for the Feast of the Dead
  • Incense of an autumn mix, consisting of any combination of the following ingredients: mint, nutmeg, sage, apple, heliotrope

When everything is in its place, take a shower or a bath to purify yourself. Wear a ritual robe or any other ritual attire you might have. Don’t forget to put on a magical jewel. Sit quitly and meditate for a short time to ground and center yourself before the ritual.

When ready, create a magic Wiccan circle. Sit quietly meditating in this circle for some time. When you are completely ready, start by turning to the three candles on the left side of the altar, saying the following:

“I light three candles for the Triple Goddess”

Light a white candle, while saying:

“Beautiful Maiden, the Goddess of youth and of new beginnings, of dawn and of the planted seed”

Light the red candle, while saying:

“Great Mother, the Goddess of magic and of abundance, of love and of knowledge”

Light the black candle, saying:

“Dark old woman, wise Goddess of the night, of death and of rebirth.
I welcome thee.”

Turn to the three candles on the right side of the altar, while saying:

“I light three candles for the Triple God”

Light the yellow candle, while saying:

“Bright Sun King, the God of success and wealth”

Light the green candle, while saying:

“Horned God of the Forests, God of fertility and growth”

Light the black candle while saying:

“Dark Lord of the other world,
God of protection and of rest…
I welcome thee.”

Use a magic wand or a stick to stroke the cauldron 5 times. Raise your arms over the altar and say:

“Dark Goddess, God of Death, I beg your blessing.
Lift the veil for me, so I can greet
My loved ones, those who left.
Friends, family and animals who have gone forward to your possession.
Let me go to those who wish me well, to enter into this circle.”

Touch the basket of food with your wand and say:

“This is a night of celebrating Death,
The night of the annual rotation of the wheel,
Which brings us to the Thin Veil.
The gates between the worlds will be open this night.
I honor my family, whose voices
I hear in a breath of a wind.
This night’s veil is lifted, so that all can
Once more be happy with friends.
All those who wish me well, come into my circle,
While we eat, let us remember
The eternal presence of the Gods,
And let us remember that of which we call death,
There is a fleeting event
In the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.”

Place the basket of food on the altar pentacle. Light a black candle in the cauldron and say the following:

“I ask all who are gathered here
To join me in this holiday.
This is the time of memories
All those who had gone to the possession
Of the Dark Lord.
Let me have good health, prosperity and happiness.”

Eat some food and drink fruit juice. All the leftovers should be left outside your home or buried after the ritual.

Sit in silence and think about your family, friends and animals who have left this earth. Look at their photos. When you feel that you’ve finished, say the following:

“The thin veil is now lifted.
My relatives came to the Feast of Death.
I thank them for their attendance
And words of comfort.”

Take an apple and say these words:

“Beautiful Maiden, you are liberating the seed of life,
Life that is waiting, hidden in the Sacred Cauldron.
Fruitful Mother, your maturity, strength nurtures the seed
Bringing it into existence, and helping it grow.
Dark Mother, your Magic Cauldron
Is a source of death and rebirth
Experience that each one of us goes over and over again.
Let there be no fear in me, so I know your gentleness.
Here’s the secret symbol of life in death and death in life,
The hidden, mystical symbol of the Triple Goddess.”

Cut the apple crosswise in order to see a pentagram in the core. Bow your head to the altar and say:

“My deepest gratitude to the Triple Goddess and Triple God.
Let me always walk beside you in this world”

Eat the apple. Place the remains outside your home after the ritual, as an offering to the birds and animals.
Turn back to the Goddess candles and say the following:

“Wheel of the Year has turned,
Again, it’s time for harvest.
I sowed a lot of thought seeds on last Samhain.
Let me gather their crops.
Let those who hinder or hurt me be exposed.
Triple Goddess has covered me with her tender hands,
Directed my steps, heard my wishes,
For that I admire and love her.”

Turn to the God candle and say the following:

“Wheel of the Year has turned,
Again, it’s time to harvest.
Again, I stand in front of a thin veil
Before a gate separating the worlds.
Triple God protected me with his sword,
Guided my steps, heard my wishes,
For that I admire and love him.”

Now gently tap the pentagram with your wand and say:

“Give me clear knowledge of the way in which I follow.
Hear my desire, oh great one!
Lead me and protect me,
Take me to the great knowledge and realization.”

Sit in silence, until the Gods ask about what you need. Listen to the instructions of the spirits that can come from saying in the land of eternal summer. When you feel that you have finished, say:

“All the love and respect for all the Great Goddess and the Horned God! Blessed be!”

When you’re done, it’s time to let go of the magic circle.

Now is the time for meditation and spell casting. When finished, close the circle – the ritual has been completed.


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