Blind Spot Tarot Card Spread

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This spread is derived from the so-called “Johari window”, a technique used in psychology. It reveals the four aspects of your personality, and shows how your view of yourself differs from how others see you.

Meaning of each position

1 – Unequivocal self-esteem: When your evaluation about yourself matches how others evaluate you.

2 – “Mr. X”: Subconscious processes and forces which work within you, but are not known to you or others.

3 – “Shadow”, hidden: Those aspects of your personality that you know about yourself, but you prefer to hide from others.

4 – Blind Spot: Patterns of your behavior which are known to others, but you don?t notice them (at least not consciously).

Cards interpretation

It is best to start with the simplest card, card number 1. Then try to imagine what lies under the disguise of “Mr. X'” (the card in position 2). This step has much significance, as the subconscious may play an important role in your life. If you?re not aware of your subconscious, then you might suffer by believing that things are supposed to be like that. If a specific subconscious process occurs as a difficult problem, then just by being aware of it is important, because then you can learn how to perceive it and how to act with it, and maybe even use it to your advantage. If it is some valuable ability, naturally it is better for you to know about it.

The other two cards have an interesting additional meaning:
Position 3 is your personal self-esteem and position 4 is how others evaluate you. If those cards are very different from each other, then people perceive you very differently than you currently think of yourself. It is a warning. Wrong impression of yourself can have very bad consequences.

Usually it is difficult to understand spreads regarding self-evaluation and understanding. Just take your time and try to use associations to form a desired result.

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