Tower Tarot Card

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The card illustrates a Tower, which hits a lightning. Two men, one in a crown and the other without are falling from it. It is a symbol of complete collapse and impotence in front of heaven will, but also a purification of the soul from sins and sufferings.

The card indicates an anxiety of the mind and a failure to maintain good relationships with other people, whom by the way, you blame for what have happened. Unfortunately, this atmosphere of scandals and relationship queries, not only does not tire you, on the contrary, this way of being seems most natural to you. The Tower card is a vivid evidence of upcoming crisis in your life. Most probably these changes will affect your inner world, and your vision of life will radically change. But you don’t have to worry about it – a new, more productive and creative vision is already forming instead of the old one.

This card suggests that you should meet your destiny (and the upcoming shock from it) with strong spirit and dignity. One period of your life is being replaced by another, and it happens very quickly, thus it may be very difficult experience. Don’t try to “hide” from the impending crash – it is not in your best interest. On the contrary, as soon as you pass this phase of obstacles, you’ll be able to rise and make new achievements!

Card Symbols

  • Tower
  • Crown with a closed top
  • Falling crown
  • Lightning
  • Falling people
  • 22 drops, divided into two groups, one of which is 10 and another is 12 drops
  • Number 16

Card Meaning

Conflict and collapse of an existing order of life. Next to bad cards, the Tower card means chaos and big losses. Next to the good cards it means that the “bad period” is coming to an end.
Additional Card Meanings: Destruction, release.

Reversed Card Meaning

Circumstances which cannot be changed and limited opportunities. Sometimes means imprisonment.


Break the scopes, which become too tight.


Avoid unnecessary risks. Be ready for the collapse of old ideas and hopes.

Card of the Day

It won’t be a boring day today. You will find a surprise, which can result in a surprising discovery, but it can also become a significant interference or deceived expectations. If the sudden collapse of plans will upset you or make you angry, which is understandable, don’t forget that the Tower card means a break of tight frames or a release from old ideas. After a while you cease to regret about something you weren’t able to do today.

Card of the Year

This year could be your year of release, unless of course you don’t want to be freed. Find the courage to escape from old ideas, rules and circumstances. Remember that wherever you will hold on to old ideas or old habits, there will still be a disaster. So make sure that your vision isn’t too narrow and one-sided and that the values you cherish so much aren’t an illusion. If you find a conflict – stand aside, let it pass by itself, because the more you fight it, the sooner the situation will force you to surrender. Treat these changes not as a mindless blow of fate, but as a necessary course correction and a decisive step towards your future growth.

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