Ritual of Wisdom

1 12 years ago

In order to perform this ritual and acquire wisdom, you will need:

  • Owl statue
  • Blue candle
  • Lotus oil (olive oil is possible as well)

Firstly, create a Wiccan magic circle. Call upon the elements and then the Gods. Place the statue of the owl near the candle. Explain to the Goddess in detail what kind of a wise advice you seek, especially if it is about solving an important problem. If you don’t have any questions which need to be answered, you can simply seek guidance and advice that can help improve your life. Light the candle and say the following:

“Wise Athena, great advisor,
Teach me in my dreams and in reality.
Send me prophetic dreams and true knowledge.
Grant me your wisdom.
I shall open my heart and mind for you, wise one.
I ask for your wisest advice,
To better reach the goal”.

If you happen to use tarot cards or any other instruments of prophecy, remove them now. Write down the answers you hear so that you could analyze them in the next following days. When finished, say the following:

“Give dexterity to my arms and mind,
Great Athena, make me wise.
Your assistance is a marvelous thing,
Gift me this wish, oh Great One.
Lead me. Save me from my mistakes”.

Let the candle burn until the end. Thank the Gods, part with the elements and close the circle. The ritual is now complete.


  1. Linda Bostic

    Thank you…this is something that’s always needed…I pray to the Goddess to grant me wisdom also…Blessings!

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