How to See Auras

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You don?t have to be clairvoyant to be able to see an aura that surrounds people, plants and objects. Chances are you’ve already seen it, but probably thought it was nothing. It may have happened when you were sitting in a lecture and watched the teacher for a very long time. Lecture halls are often painted in bright colors and that?s why it makes it easier for us to see the aura. You might have seen blurred outlines of the teacher’s head and shoulders. This is an aura. Perhaps you weren’t able to distinguish the colors of an aura. It usually comes with experience.

Beginner’s Exercise

Start by trying to see the aura of a person. For better perception of the aura, you will need a white background (you can hang a large piece of paper or white cloth on a wall) and an assistant. Ask your friend to stand in front of that white background you’ve created. Concentrate your attention on the top of his head, but don?t look at the very top, try to look behind it. Soon you?ll see the manifestation of the aura, but probably not for a long time. The aura will disappear if your eyes focus on the person instead of focusing on the aura itself.

With experience you’ll be able to see the aura for longer periods of time. Sometimes you’ll see it spontaneously. Maybe at first you won?t see the color and the aura will appear as a transparent outline around the head and shoulders of the person you’re looking at. Or maybe you’ll be lucky enough and see the color right away. Beginners usually see yellow and blue colors. Eventually you’ll be able to see all colors. If you can?t see the colors with your physical eyes, maybe you?ll feel or see it better with your inner vision.

When you get good at seeing the aura of people, try to perceive the aura of animals and plants. If you have a small pet, choose a time when it is asleep and then try to see its aura. It’s even much simpler with plants, because they stand still. Put the plant on a light background for this exercise.

The final exercise is to perceive your own aura looking at your reflection in the mirror or when looking at the reflection in the water while washing your hands.

For some people it is easier to see the aura on a dark background (black for example). Try to use both backgrounds and to see what suits you best. Exercise in daylight or at least with bulb light (other types of artificial lighting, for example neon light, will only interfere).



    Thank you for having this information available for me to read when my mother died last year she left all of her books and and I love her crystal balls crystals and sensing candles and unfortunately I am very sorry for this I did not take any time to learn what she had to teach I just picked up two bits here and there and this was very helpful for me to figure out all of this stuff thank you so very much SU-Z / TUCSON AZ

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    thanks for posting this info. it is hard to find any info. on the subj. hope to see more. excuse any mistakes i may have written I am new at studying wicca also e-mail etc.

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