How to Work with Energy

1 12 years ago

In order to learn to feel the energy there are few steps you need to perform:

First, you will need to rub your palms against each other. Gradually increase the tempo until they are really warm and then slowly separate them – you will feel a little tingling sensation. If you don?t feel the energy right away (though you will most likely sense something right from the first time), then you need to practice a bit before you get started. Try to separate your palms and bring them together again a few times. It is best to work with the energy at least five or ten minutes a day in order to develop better perception. Please note that there will be times when you won?t feel anything. This is normal. This may be because you are tired, exhausted or sick. In this case, simply choose another time when you feel better to work with the energy.

The next step is to visualize how a ball of energy is being formed between your palms. At the end of the exercise you can just throw it on the floor. Then visualize a new ball between your palms and try to imagine yourself extending and narrowing the ball. Remember your feelings.

Once you’ve mastered this, try to mentally fill the ball with a color. For example, green or blue is suitable for healing (you can read more about the various meanings of colors here). Then start to imagine a warm red ball, which slowly becomes a cold blue one and vice versa.

For more advanced exercises find a pair of natural objects: round stones from a beach, shells, acorns, chestnuts, cones, quartz crystals etc. Put them on the table in front of yourself. Now place your hands on the object and try to feel its energy. When you become really good at it, you can try to feel the energy of a plant in a pot. If the plant is in good and healthy condition, then the energy most likely will be warm. If the plant is weak the energy is usually cold.

These associations are only examples and in any case are not a set of rules. Use them as general guidance. Perhaps you will feel completely different feelings. Just be sure to remember what type of energy you feel in different circumstances.


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