Leaf Fall Ritual

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This is ritual is performed on the Mabon Sabbat to get rid of fears and regrets, and to greet the arrival of winter. This is a time of the year when leaves of all colors swirl in the winds, a time of strong energy forces, a time when the day struggles the night, only to finally surrender itself to long lasting nights.

Things you will need for this ritual:

  • 2 green candles
  • 2 blue candles
  • Basket
  • Cauldron
  • Fruits and vegetables

To begin, collect a basket of autumn leaves or dried plants and place fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts around it.

Prepare a Wiccan altar and place a mix of blue and green candles on the four corners of the altar, which will create a square from candles. The square holds all the joy and sorrow of the past year, and it is important to make it big enough so it will be comfortable to work with. Light the first blue candle on the north, then green on the east, then blue on the south and say the following:

“Light is born, it grows, it sparkles and shines,
Adding strength to life, we plow, we plant,
We create and protect, we travel far to get what is destined”

Light the green candle on the west and say the following:

“We harvested, and the fruits of our labors are added to the abundance of Mother Nature”

Now take a large pot (or cauldron) filled with water and put it to the west of the circle of leaves and fruit of this harvest. Take a leaf, which symbolizes the collapse of all the unfulfilled expectations or plans, and a second leaf, that symbolizes achievement of goals or solving problems. Name the first leaf “regret” and the second one “luck” and toss the leaves in the cauldron with water, saying the following:

“The losses and gains are balanced: the water of life will carry away both”

Eat a nut or some fruit and say the following:

“I am grateful for the wealthy harvest and say goodbye to summer with joy, without sorrow”

Continue to list your regrets and let each leaf fly in the wind, while eating nuts and fruit until the list of your troubles ends.

Move the candles closer to your cauldron with water. Look into the water and you will see the surface of changing light and shadows. You can put a few drops of blue candle wax into the water to have images that will foretell you how to turn your darkest days into days of wealth and accomplishments. Leave your house after you’re done, scatter the unused leaves in the wind and say:

“Fly free, fly joyously, don’t spare anything, come back renewed in the spring”

Treat your family and friends with whatever remains from the fruit and vegetables, and enjoy Mabon.


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