Honoring the Goddess Beltane Ritual

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For this Beltane Sabbat ritual, you will need 13 dark green candles, and to dress in spring colors and add flowers of all colors and fragrances to your hair. Before that, it is recommended to meditate and take a herbal cleansing bath to clear your body and soul from negative energies.

You will need the following items and tools to perform the ritual:

  • Flowers, preferably daisies and marigolds
  • 12 dark green candles
  • 2 white candles
  • Athame
  • Chalice, filled with wine
  • Statue or image of the Goddess
  • Small Maypole, not mandatory
  • Censer with incense

Create a Wiccan magic circle, and place the Wiccan altar to the east. Place a statue or an image of the Goddess in the center of the altar, and two white candles on the sides of the altar. Place a censer with incense on the left side of the altar, and an athame and a chalice on the right side of the altar.

Light 13 dark green candles and place them on the edges of the magic circle. Prepare a crown from May colors such as daisies and marigolds, and place the crown in front of the image of the Goddess. A small Maypole can be added on the right side of the altar, decorated with flowers and colorful ribbons. Sit on your knees before the altar. Light the altar candles and burn the incense. Close your eyes and concentrate on the image of the Goddess, and say the following:

“Oh, Goddess of all that is free and wild,
I consecrate this place for you”.

Stand on your feet. Take the athame and raise it in salute towards the east, saying:

“Blessed be, Spring Virgin,
I sing the song of love for you”.

Raise your athame to the south and say:

“She colors the fields and forests in green,
Goddess of nature,
She reigns forever”.

Hold the athame towards the west, and say:

“Sacred incense, greet her,
The one who turns the Wheel of the Year”.

Turn your athame to the north, while saying:

“Sacred fire of Beltane is burning,
The Goddess of fertility has returned again”.

Return the athame to the altar. Take the flower crown and wear it on your head. Sit on your knees before the altar, facing the image of the Goddess. Draw your hands towards the sky and say the following:

“Spirits of Water and Air,
Let my prayer be heard:
Let the skies and waters clear,
Let the forests and fields thrive.
Spirits of Fire,
Spirits of Mother Earth,
Let there be blessed peace,
Endowed with kindness and love”.

Lift up your chalice with wine, holding it in your hand at a distance, and spill a little wine on the ground as an offering to the Goddess. Close your eyes and say:

“Sacred fire of Beltane is burning,
Lighting the way for the return of the sun,
Let the darkness of winter vanish away,
The great Wheel of Life turns again”.

Drink the wine that is left in the chalice and return it to the altar. Blow the candles out. The Beltane ritual is complete, although don’t let it stop you from singing or dancing afterwards!


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    What a pretty Ritual! Blessed Be Sister!

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