Symbolic Great Rite Ritual

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This is a symbolic ritual in honor of Beltane Sabbat, and must be performed by two partners of the opposite sex.

What you will need for the Great Rite:

  • Priapic wand
  • 5 black candles
  • 5 white candles
  • 1 gray candle
  • Chalice, filled with red wine or fruit juice (cranberry or pomegranate)
  • Love oil

Arrange 4 black candles and 4 white candles, alternating between them (black-white, black-white…) in a circle on the floor. Give each partner an unlit candle – one takes a black candle and the other a white candle. Turn off the lights. Take the gray candle and put it on a candlestick in the center of the circle, and light it. Put the chalice and the wand near the gray candle, and get out of the circle. When all preparations are completed, both partners recite the following words in harmony:

“God and Goddess, Darkness and Light,
Stay with us in this holy night!”

The partners enter the circle and turn to face each other. Both of them say the following:

“You help me build,
With the Gods desire,
An altar of worship,
As it was built
Since the beginning of time.
Built for the unity
Of Earth and Sky, as the ancients
Merged into it”.

Each partner must dip the finger in the oil and draw a spiral on the center of the chest of the other partner (at the level of the heart chakra). After drawing three concentric spirals, which begins at the center of the chest, move on to the second spiral in the genital area, directed inward, towards the center. When finished, say the following text in turns:

“The mystery that keeps secrets,
Art that is hidden from the eyes,
We love, but not you,
As it is not in the decree,
Because love – is also you.
And you and I – the art of love”.

Both partners hug, and light their candles at the same time, placing them on the candlesticks: white candle to the north, and black candle to the south of the circle.

“I am the flame that burns in the heart,
And in the depths of any star.
I am a life that gives a beginning,
And I know how close death is.
I am a lone, unknown God,
And I am a mystery of mysteries”.

Now it’s time to apply the love oil on the next magical points of the body of your partner:

  • Above the line of pubic hair growth
  • Right foot
  • Left hand
  • Right hand
  • Left foot
  • Above the line of pubic hair growth

Get on your knees while facing each other. One partner takes the priapic wand, while the second partner takes the chalice. The person with the wand needs to hold it above the chalice, so that the wand would dip a bit into the wine or juice. The person who holds the chalice needs to hold it below the wand, while saying the following:

“Show me the secret way.
Let the mind lead
Over the gates of night and day,
The gates of time and feelings.
Here lies a mystery,
A pentacle of love,
The Spear and Grail united in it.
Kiss the body and soul”.

The person who holds the wand needs to dip it into the chalice. Afterwards, both partners need to slowly drink everything from the chalice. when done, extinguish all candles and close the circle. The Great Rite is completed on this day of Beltane.


  1. Pagan Priestess

    I’m having a test on the Great Rite in November, it really is a beautiful ritual! Blessed Be!

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    Merry Meet and Blessings!

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