Solitary Beltane Ritual

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This Beltane Sabbat ritual is best performed at noon. Sweep the area, starting from the north while moving clockwise using the broom, in order to clean the area of the magic circle from negative energies. Mark the boundaries of the circle with whatever is more convenient to you.

Place four candles in the quarters: north ? green candle, east ? yellow candle, south ? red candle, west ? blue candle. Setup your altar as you like best, turn it to the north and cover it with a white or dark green altar cloth. Your altar can be decorated with seasonal flowers of any color.

In addition to the regular altar tools and items, you should add the following as well:

  • White or dark green altar cloth
  • Symbol or statue that represents the guardian of your home
  • Small cauldron with a dark green candle
  • Ritual bell
  • Wood pieces of birch, oak, ash, willow, hawthorn, hazel, apple and fir (not necessary to get all of the pieces)
  • Athame
  • Chalice
  • Incense, any of the following (combined or not): Lilac, jasmine, frankincense, myrrh, dragon’s blood, cinnamon, nutmeg, sage, strawberry, orange peel, dried rose petals

After placing all the needed items on your Wiccan altar, take a shower or a bath for purification. When finished, put on your ritual clothes. Sit quietly and meditate for a short time to ground and center yourself before the witchcraft ritual. When you feel ready to start, you can put on soothing and peaceful music to play during the ritual.

Once the circle is created, start the Beltane ritual. Sit in silence for some time, and when ready say the following words loudly:

“Let this day of Beltane be blessed,
The wedding day of Goddess and God.
Holy Day of Holy Matrimony,
Holy night of Sacred Union.
The fertile Goddess of summer walks on earth
With the great Horned God of the forest,
And the dark time of winter is over”.

Ring the bell seven times, and continue saying:

“Animals and plants are fertilized,
As May Queen and Green Man
Reward earth and its creatures
With their blessings.
I, (your magical name), their child,
I rejoice with them and ask
Their happy union be an example
Of how to live in love and harmony
For all mankind”.

Light a candle in the cauldron and say the following:

“Dark days go away
Let May Day begin!”

When you throw the pieces of tree one by one into the flame of the cauldron, specify the properties of each tree as follows (be careful and use a small cauldron or kettle, that you can close with a lid in case something goes wrong):

“I burn thee, birch, to honor the Goddess;
and now I add oak to honor the God.
You, rowan, I add to the magic of life;
and you, willow, to celebrate death.
Hawthorn I burn for fairies around me;
You, hazel, I burn for the wisdom that you give.
I add you, beautiful apple tree,
to give me love;
And you, vine, a symbol of joy.
Fir, the symbol of rebirth;
Your pleasant scent resembles my immortality.
I give my blessings to you all,
And call on your blessings on me.
So be it!”

Now it’s time to perform the Great Rite (symbolically). Some Wiccan traditions insist that solitary pagans cannot perform the Great Rite properly. But if we do it symbolically, there is not reason why you can’t add it to your ritual. Take your athame in one hand, and the chalice in the other. Look at them as and say the following:

“I welcome the time of unity
God and Goddess for their fertility!
This evening (this day), I witness the marriage of my Goddess and God.
Let their union be fertile and productive!”

Slowly lower the athame into the chalice and feel the union of the Gods. Say the following:

“Because they are united, they become one.
Because they are one, they are united.
And I am one with them”.

Raise the athame and chalice to your forehead, while both are still connected, to honor the union of the three of you. Place them on your altar. Now it is time for a dance, or at least a walk around the altar, beginning in the north and moving clockwise. Greet every element of the quarters with open arms. Go back to the altar when you’re done. Now take the symbol or statue of the guardian of your home, concentrate on the words and say them aloud:

“Great Goddess and Great Horned God,
I present to you the Guardian of this house,
My house.
I invite this special spirit into my house
As a protector and helper in all things.
I honor the spirit with this symbol, where he is present.
Great Ones, bless this guardian.
I thank you for your blessings.
Blessed be!”

Lubricate the symbol or statue with a suitable oil. If you cannot lubricate it with oil, hold it above your incense burner so purify it with smoke.

Now it’s time for meditation and any witchcraft spell you might need to cast, or you can just finish the celebration of the Beltane Sabbat. Don?t forget to close your magic circle when finished.


  1. Moonchild

    I have several chronic illnesses. Can anyone recommend a way to help?

  2. Moonchild

    As a solo practitioner,or eclectic witch i look forward to trying this ritual.

  3. Moonchild

    As a solo practitioner (eclectic) witch, I look forward to trying this ritual on Beltane. Blessed be!

  4. Moonchild

    I look forward to performing this ritual on Beltane. I am a solo practitioner, I like to think I am “eclectic” and try to make each ritual or spell to fit my needs and make do with what I have for my alter. ..

  5. Joeshanna

    Beautifully written; however, remember some seekers are new to the craft and are not blessed with your many years of experience. I would therefore, go through the steps of closing the circle. Yes, I know there are many ways to open and close your circle, but for the beginner, they should know it is a very important step to become accustom too.
    Again, beautiful, and Brightest Blessings for your service. <3

  6. Linda Bostic

    MM…thanks, I’ll try to utilize this as best as I can…B

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