Visions of a Ritual Poem

4 12 years ago

Aroma of fires, as if in captivity,
I inhale the surrounding smoke.
Today I’m alone with the universe,
Spirits and forest, no place for strangers.
Here with me, Goddess Selene,
And a smile – glory of the moon.
Here with me, forever immortal!
Nights of power are born by you!
I create an altar in the woods,
Bright stars are seen in the sky…
I dreamed today about a High Priestess,
Promised to fulfill my desires.
I rolled around in another sphere,
Happiness, dance in a magical night.
Strong and deep is my faith!
As the fires that were lit from candles.


  1. Raven Heart

    The Druidess

    Let us make new of the swirling mists
    The Raven heart, the druidess
    Who walks in shadow near and far
    And for whom the Bards sing a merry tune..
    The hills are his feet, he’s swift with a bow
    The winds his domain, the mist his stay
    He nests his rhyme in the seas foam
    He’s the poetic inspiration of Cerridwen!
    The oak proclaims his home_______
    His wine laughs in the mouths of strangers
    Who banqueted in the Solstices
    His bud did hatch, his flower did open
    He picked the mistletoe for thee!
    Crows warm themselves near his smoke
    His blade reflects the stars
    That escape the swirling mists…
    The Druidess and the Bard


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  3. Linda Bostic

    MM..I’d like to know how to post poetry here?…B

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