Beltane Union Celebration Ritual

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If possible, celebrate the Beltane Sabbat in a forest or at least near a living tree. If this is not a possibility, bring a small tree or a houseplant into your Wiccan magic circle.

Make a little symbol or an amulet to honor the marriage of the Goddess and God, to hang on the tree when performing the ritual. Such symbols can be bags filled with dried flowers, strings of beads, shapes cut from a tree, garlands of flowers.

Arrange your Wiccan altar, light the candles and the incense and make a magic circle from stones, and say the following:

?Power of One,
The source of all things,
Omnipresent, omnipotent and eternal.
Goddess, Lady of the Moon,
God, Horned Hunter of the Sun,
Power of the Spirits of stones,
Rulers of the elements,
Strength of the stars of heaven,
Bless this place and this moment,
Unite me with you”.

Call upon the Goddess and God. Stand in front of the altar, pick up your magic wand and say the following:

“Oh, Mother Goddess, Queen of the night and the Earth,
Oh, Father God, King of the Day and the woods!
I bless your union with nature,
Which enjoys free boiling life and color.
Accept my gift in honor of your alliance,
Mother Goddess and Father God!”

Hang the symbol or charm and hang it on the tree, and say:

“The spring forces of life will renew under your arm,
The wealth of living creatures shall cover the earth,
And the winds will blow, pure and sweet.
Ancient Gods, I celebrate with you”.

Now it?s time to work on your witchcraft, should you have spells to cast or other magic plans. Close the circle when you are done.

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